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Chodsko region


Few Czech regions have retained their original atmosphere like the Chodsko area. Forest-covered hills, fields and pastures, dotted with quaint little villages. Wayside crosses along line the roads, creeks have small mills, and many benches await travelers to rest and take in the lovely surroundin ...

Landscape of the Chodsko region

It stirs the soul to gaze out upon the undulating landscape with equal shares of forest, fields and pasture, at idyllic hamlets connected by tree-lined roads, and to admire how the sunlight sparkles off pond surfaces. The landscape here is gentle and lovely. Undulating hills enhance its beauty, b ...

History of the Chodsko region and its people

Burial mounds, Milavče Culture bronze monuments and Celtic coins are all testament to the Chodsko area´s pre-Slavic inhabitants. Slavs first arrieved here in the 7th cedntury CE. Manned guard posts were built here starting in the 10th century to collect duties. The first wooden princely castle wa ...

Important communities

The eleven historic and privileged Chodsko area villages are Draženov, Chodov, Klenčí pod Čerchovem, Klíčov, Chodská Lhota, Mrákov, Pocinovice, Postřekov, Stráž, Tlumačov and Újezd. Domažlice is not among them, but has always been the area´s natural center. A fortified city by the 1260s, it also ...

Museums and galleries

Museum of Chodsko in Domažlice - originally it was a Gothic castle. Today it is a museum with an exhibition dedicated to the history of Domažlice. Domažlice´s Chodsko Museum has three parts. At Chodsko Castle you can learn the region´s history from prehistoric times to taday, with interesting fac ...