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Historic centre

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The square and historic houses

The square in Domažlice is renowned for its leaning tower, which is today a part of the dean´s Church of The Virgin Mary and the historic arcaded houses. Photos of this tower are published in almost all picture books about the Czech Republic. In an illustration from 1592 the arcades appear much as they do today. The historic houses with arcades in Domažlice are the only houses of this type to be preserved in the region of West Bohemia and nearby Bavaria.
Due to the existence of its well preserved historic houses, the town was declared a historic town preserve in 1975.
See other sights in the historic centre. Originally a Gothic church, The Church of the Virgin Mary was rebuilt in the Baroque style. The attached leaning tower (open to the public) has a deviation of 60 cm from its vertical axis. Another ecclesiastical building is the Augustinian monastery and church. The former royal castle, housing a museum, catches your eye with its high tower. The town-hall from 1891-1893 is situated in the square. At its corner find an interactive information board with further information on the town. The fountain in front of the town-hall was constructed in 2005 as an approximate replica of the original.
Visit the Jindřich Jindřich Museum with large collections of Chodsko folk art or the Špillar Brothers´ Gallery. The Gothic All Saints´ Church is located in the suburbs. Here, the history of Domažlice began.

Medieval fortification and the tower

During the reign of Přemysl Otakar II. (1253-1278) Domažlice became a royal town and the oldest wall of the town´s fortification, consisting of a moat and twenty half-round towers, was constructed . In the 15th-16th centuries the fortifications were completed with a ring of ramparts, square bastions and other ground fortifications. Remnants of the walls can be found in the yards of historic houses and near the castle.
Four gates were also part of the fortifications. Two of the gates were demolished in the early 19th century. Today, the Lower Gate and the Little Gate are still preserved. The Lower Gate is a symbol of the town and its long history. The Lower Gate´s appearance dates back to about 1905 and adjacent to both sides of the passageway are original stone portals. (The interior is not open to the public).
The royal castle (now the Chodsko museum) is situated in the southwest corner of the old town. The town tower at the Church of The Virgin Mary in the square, was also part of the fortifications. It is open during high season. Experience a magnificent view of the town and the surroundings from this
town´s landmark.