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Dokument (ID: 4) neexistuje!

Tale about a ghost of Bohemian Forest

Come with us to see a ghost - the ghost called Nikl helps and protects all good inhabitants of the Bohemian Forest mountains. It has two faces: The white on represents goodness, the black one evil. Nikl is a patron of glassmakers and woodcutters. The legends of Nikl were recorded by teachers and other people in the 19th  centruy. It appeared in 2007 in a folk play and since that time it hass been a patron of the Bělá Region and protects hikers and cyclists.  You can see Nikl during various festivals or other events.

How to find ghost´s home?

Nikl resides on the hill Kamenný vrch, earlier called Niklasberg. The hill is 739 meter high and is situated north of Bělá nad Radbuzou. The walking and cycling route to Nikl begins in the square in Bělá. Go along Bezděkovská street, pass Dvořák´s Mill. AT the end of the town cross the railway line and after 300 m turn left and cross the Bezděkovský brook.
From the brook go across the meadow towards a little birch grove. The Hůrka hill is in front of you, the hills Velký and Malý Zvon are on the left, the Málkovsý and Apolenský hills on the right, Přimda with a romantic castle ruin in the north.
Go round the grove the the west.  You have a wonderful view of Bělá and surrounding hills of Černá hora, Zámecký vrch and Černý vrch with a quarry in the east, Lískovec, Růžový vrch and Liščí hora in the west. Go towards a group of birches and spruces about 50 m before the edge of the wood. Here find a track and turn right and after 100 m left.
After next 100 m cross the forest track from Bělá to Třemošná. Go 450 m up the hill to the west on the slope of Hůrka hill. On the top go straight on and after 120 m turn left and go along the path to the west.
After 750 m cross a broad forest road between Smolov and Třemešné. Climb through a high forest to the west, from the ridge go down on a gravel road. This part without road is 600 m long. Turn right and on this west slope of the hill climb 1100 m. The hilltop is 200 m right, go through a beech forest with rocks. On the rock ridge find a metal box with guest book.

Go back on the same way 3 km south as far as the road Bělá - Smolov. Enjoy the lovely view from the pasture (50m from the road). You can see the hill Velký Zvon. Go 3 k mto Bělá. This route can be used by cyclist as well.
You can return on a different way as well. From the hilltop go south-east through a beech forest, 500 m diagonally towards a forest road. On the road go 500 m to the right as far as the road from Třemešná to Smolov. Now turn right and go 2 km towards the road Bělá - Smolov.