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Surroundings Domažlice

Vavřineček Hill

Vavřineček hill is typical with St. Lawrence church, annual fair in August with a lot of people in traditional costumes.Glass altar in church is by V. Tesařová, church is open only during St. Lawrence pilgrimage From the hill is with wonderful view of the town and surroundings. Distance is 3 km, ...

Baldov Hill

Baldov hill offers a wonderful view of the surroundings, map and small chapel. Monument Battle of Domažlice from year 2015 is 6-meter high stone goblet by Václav Fiala. Distance is 3 km, start of the walking trails in the square near the Monastery church, green trailGPS: 49.440258N, 12.9276642E

Sculpture trail on Baldov Hill

SCULPTURE TRAIL ON BALDOV HILL Sculpture trail is open-air gallery reminds the history of Domažlice about year 1431 with the victory of the Hussites over crusaders.In addition to the beautiful view of the surroundings from the Baldov hill, you can also admire the Monument of the Battle of Domažli ...

House of Jan Sladký Kozina

In nearby Újezd at the Kozina Estate, there are preserved traditional Chod home furnishings, costumes, folklore, habits and another part features the Chod Area rebels.Guided tour only in Czech. Distance is 5 km, start of the walking trails in the square near the Monastery church, red trail.GPS: 4 ...

Hrádek hill

Outlook place above the village of Újezd, statue of the rebel Jan Sladký Kozina, playground, big sculpture of a dog, themed restaurant. Distance is 7 km, start of the walking trails in the square near the Monastery church, red trail.GPS: 49.440258N, 12.9276642E Distance from Újezd: 800 m, red trail.

Educational trail Traces of 2nd World War

Educational trail Traces of 2nd World War near Újezd - liberation of the Chodsko region. Monument to the American fighter pilot Virgil Paul Kirkham who lost his life here on April 30, 1945 as a last American pilot in this war in Europe. Distance is 6 km, start of the walking trails in the square ...


Babylon is popular holiday resort, natural swimming pool, accommodation facilities, restaurants, campsite, playground, minigolf, „Devil´s nature trail“ - with 21 boards about historic a nature attractions, aqueduct, rocking stone – Devil´s stone. Interesting places near Babylon: aqueduct, viklan ...

Devil`s Educational Trail

"Devil`s Educational Trail” is designed for hikers and cyclists with 21 stops describing the historical and natural attractions of Chodsko in the vicinity of Babylon – an aqueduct, a rocking stone, the Rašín‘s Stone, the canal of the Teplá Bystřice creek, the quartzite wall (Babylon). The legend ...

Educational trail in Zelenov valley

Nature trail Zelenov and Zelenov ponds – three lovely ponds in the valley of the stream Zubřina. One of the most beatiful valley of this region with unique plants and animals.Educational trail has 12 stops with interactive fauna and flora boards.If you park between Pasečnice and Havlovice circuit ...

Aqueduct near Havlovice

Aqueduct is a technical attraction, unique in CR– brook "Teplá Bystřice" goes above railway line. Former it was a part of a mill house. Today´s shape is from 2011. Distance is 6,5 km, start of the walking trails in the square near the Monastery church, green trail.GPS: 49.440258N, 12.9276642E

The Technical and Crafts Museum in Koloveč

The Technical and Crafts Museum in Koloveč with its area of 1000 m2 and more than 7,000 exhibits is one of the largest museums of that kind in the Czech Republic. See all traditional handicrafts and trades which were performed by people in the country. Explore 47 period shops, handicraft workshop ...

Draženov granary and farmhouse

Little museum, for sightseeing call: +420725041346 Distance is 5 km

Place of pilgrimage Dobrá Voda

Chapel of pilgrimage connected with a wonder spring. The altar painting was painted by Jaroslav Špillar. This place "Dražinovská hora" was popular among writers Jindřich Šimon Baar, Jan Vrba or Božena Němcová. The pilgrimage and fair take place on the last Sunday in May. Distance is 7 km.

Salka cave

Salka Cave near Pasečnice (8 km) – flooded drift. natural monument flooded drift after mining of metal shale Distance is 3 km, start of the walking trails in the square near the Monastery church (GPS: 49.440258N, 12.9276642E), green trail.

Lumberjacks´ museum

Lumberjacks´ museum in Pec – life of our grandparents, exposition on historic tools. OPEN:open from May – October - for excursion please call: +420379795250,+420 721 062 583 Mr. Jan Riederer CONTACT:721 062 583 - Jan Riederer st.Pec, 344 01 DomažliceGPS: 49.3984411N 12.8307575E https://www.pecpod ...


Gloriette near Kout na Šumavě – legend has it that in 1431 cardinal Cesarini lost his documents, cross and hat here when beeing on run before the Hussites. That is why the gloriette has a form of a hat. Distance: 8 km


Lomeček is flooded quarry near Mrákov, with clear water and a underwater observation cabin - the biggest in the Czech Republic.No entry with a dog. Distance is 8 km, start of the walking trails in the square near the Monastery church, blue trail.GPS: 49.440258N, 12.9276642E OPEN July-August daily ...

History of the Chodsko region - trail

This route has 15 stops from Pocinov to Bela nad Radbuzou. It describes Chodsko history.