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Dokument (ID: 4) neexistuje!

Devil`s Educational Trail

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"Devil`s Educational Trail” is designed for hikers and cyclists with 21 stops describing the historical and natural attractions of Chodsko in the vicinity of Babylon – an aqueduct, a rocking stone, the Rašín‘s Stone, the canal of the Teplá Bystřice creek, the quartzite wall (Babylon).

The legend says:

The Devil's Stone – the rocking stone – the legend of the stone was known to J. Š. Baar. A long time ago, the devil used to walk through the countryside and rest on this stone. Therefore, they say, looking at its surface you can see the prints of four hooves, a tail and a head. Once, the servants threw the rock down the slope, but, at night, people could hear the devil heaving while pushing the stone up the hill.