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Dokument (ID: 4) neexistuje!

The St. Peter and St. Paul´s Church Tower

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The 38 meters high church tower offers magnificient views to visitors who ascend its 98 steps.

June and September - Sat. and Sun: 9.00 - 12:00 a.m. and 1.00 - 4.00 p.m.
July, August - Tues. - Sun.: 9.00 - 12.00 a.m. and 1.00 - 4.00 p.m.

nám. Republiky 110, Město,  Horšovský Týn


The tower offers views of:

Náměstí Republiky square (formerly known as Ringplatz) - The square was built in the late 13th  centruy on a geometrical plan - rows of imposing townsmen´s houses encircling the central square area. A through road built at a later point divided the square into the upper and lower parts. The upper part was reconstructed in 2006.

The Castle and Chateau - The town is dominated by the Renaissance chateau, a former Gothic castle. In the edifice, the relics of the former Gothic castle are still visible - the vaulted cellars, the entire first floor of the palace and a unique Gothinc chapel. The interior of the chateau is open to the public, several guided tours are offered.

Chateau park - The chateau building is surrounded by a park of 40 ha area in which the "Royal Ravine" natura trail is situated. There are several interesting buildings located in the park: a Baroque granary, a lookout tower, a Loretostyle chapel and a ball-game hall.

The Belfry - A classicist square building dating back to the mid 19th centruy with a low, sheet metal covered roof. It holds a bell of an imposing 184 cm diameter, 5,8 m circumference and 3 tonnes in weight.

The St. Peter and St. Paul´s Church - The church situated in the square was built around 1280 in early Gothic style. After 1780 it underwent a Baroque remodelling.

The Town hall - A Renaissance Town Hall from late 16th century was rebuilt in Baroque style in 1693. The front wall is decorated with the town´s coat of arms and the statue of Justice. The building houses the municipal authorities.

The St. Apolinaire´s Church - An archdeacon temple situated in the Velké předměstí town part dating back to the mid 13th century is a rectangular single-nave building with a Gothic presbytery vaulted with a cross-pattern ribbed vault built in late 14th century. Its Virgin Mary side chapel is decorated with Gothic frescos.
St.-Ann´s Church - A late Gothic pilgrimage church with net vaulted presbytery, remodelled in Baroque style. A burial chamber of the Trautmansdorff family is situated here.
Lookout tower on the Šibeniční vrch - A lookout tower is situated on top of the Šibeniční vrch hill where the former St. Mary of Lourdes´sChapel used to be. The tower is 21,5 m high and it is freely accessible. There is a nature trail which brings you to the lookout tower from the town square.
The Capuchin Monastery - The builging of a former Capuchin Friars monastery dating back to the mid 17th century was also used as a burial vault of the feudal lord family of Trautmansdorff. In 1950, the monastery was dissolved.